Meet the All-in-One Management Tool for School-Based Practitioners

Welcome to School-Based Therapy Assistant – the only all-in-one HIPPA/FERPA compliant application designed specifically for the unique needs of occupational, physical and speech therapists, as well as BCBAs and other child study team members working in schools.

The intuitive software allows for caseload management, simplified scheduling, compliant documentation, monitoring student progress, as well as tracking time and invoicing. 

Features That Meet Your Unique Needs

Four Applications: One Centralized Location

Explore powerful features and automation for your daily activities and workflows

Scheduling & Caseload Management Tool

  • Quick Reference of your Weekly Caseload
  • Color Coded Entries for Easy Reference
  • Ability to Modify Session Times
  • Generate Daily Note Directly in Your Calendar
  • Save Notes to Calculate Attendance Record & Invoice
  • System allows you to download, print or email schedules (past, current and future)

Daily Notes & Attendance Records

  • Quickly Access Notes for any student
  • Easily access and enter all student notes + attendance logs from one centralized location
  • Save valuable time

Student Progress Tracking

  • Easily view student's goals during a session
  • Generate graphs and view graphs visualizing student progress
  • Use data to guide treatment sessions for better, effective therapy

Calculate Indirect Time & Generate Automatic Invoices

  • Time saving and organized tool
  • Accurate accounting data, ideal for billing clients and school districts
  • Categorize your sessions OR sort time by tx, consultations, evaluations, travel, prep, etc.

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